Tuesday, January 16, 2007

You could figure skate in our back yard if you wanted...

In case you were wondering...we both came out unscathed from our weekend of Ice Storm 2007. I managed to get out once, to eat at one of the only open restaurants in town. But other than that I stayed inside. It was really bad outside! The roads are still not "safe" to drive....we have to be extra careful. But I was ready to come back to work.

Things I managed to do while locked in the house for 4 days:
-watched lots of random TV
-read a magazine
-explored "Shine Happy" by Clairol in my hair. It's like hair dye without the color that makes your hair shiny. I'm glad it was only $8.
-mountains of laundry washed and put away
-scrubbed the bathtub
-mopped the kitchen floor
-watched "The Da Vinci Code" (love that movie)
-did not check e-mail, since we had no internet service over the weekend
-listened to John go on and on about Guitar Hero (his copy should be arriving today in the mail)
-called Melissa just to talk and watch TV over the phone like we used to do in 9th grade
-watched "Napoleon Dynamite" and "Clueless" on TV all 623 times they were on this weekend
-cried over my sudden turn as "Breakout Queen"....it's so bad
-tried to finish my book, but kept falling asleep
-ate home-cooked meals
-did not get annoyed with John (he really wasn't that bad!)

Whoa...that's it? Where did my time go? Four days and I don't have much to report on! Weight Watchers is not going to be pretty this week, since all there is to do on an icy weekend is sit at home and eat. But that's ok....tomorrow begins another week.

Pray for my grandparents. They live in Springfield, MO and have been without power since Friday night. And while you're at it, pray for the other hundreds of thousands without power for many days now. There are many people that are very cold with no end in sight...it's been quite a week in weather.

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