Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year's Eve

This was the first time in a long time John and I had something to do on New Year's Eve. It's not the most exciting time for us. I'm sure the prospect of a New Year would be a lot more exciting if we lived on the East Coast and didn't celebrate the ball dropping twice because of time zones. And if we drank a lot....

Anyway, we were invited to a small get-together at Liz and Nathan's house. I want her house to be mine because it photographs so well....they have a beautiful home. The best part was that we actually made it until midnight! I couldn't believe it...I figured we would head home around 10 and I'd be asleep before the clock struck 12. But we stayed the entire time. And while the company was fabulous, the food and drink delicious, and the atmosphere fun (there were hats! and crowns! and noisemakers!)....it was really the Guitar Hero that kept us there until midnight. John is hooked...

Brooke and I go way back...and this is my first photo with Baby Adcox! He/She is really starting to make it's presence known...can't wait until April!

The New Year's Resolution boards. All guests had to fill one out and post it for all to see. I have several resolutions but the ones I listed were to be wiser with my money and stop swearing. John's were to succeed at Weight Watchers and stop swearing.

These two girls (Brooke--left, Liz--right) have been my lifeline for a long time. We're all in book club together, so we do the girl bonding thing. But, fortunately, our husbands love getting together, too. So we take advantage of that quite often!

Here's Nathan rocking to Guitar Hero...

Hey, look--it's John rocking to Guitar Hero!

I had another picture of Derek rocking to Guitar Hero, but blogger won't let me post it....Darn it (notice the non-swear word?).

Anyway....you can see a theme. It was all about Guitar Hero all night long. Liz--what a great party!

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