Thursday, January 25, 2007

What do you get for being a Good Samaritan?

When the storm hit, a lady in our neighborhood ended up getting her car stuck in the ice. John went to help her get it out and apparently slipped and took a pretty bad fall. I didn't see it, but our neighbor did and he was laughing pretty hard.

Anyway....John was pretty sore after it happened, but figured it would pass. It didn't. Monday night we went out to eat and he was so out of it. By the time we got home, he was ready to go to the hospital. He was in so much pain he couldn't even wait to get into the doctor. He couldn't move his head, couldn't lay down, couldn't stand up. So, at around 9:00 we headed to the ER.

We spent several agonizing hours waiting for the nurse practitioner to tell him his muscles were just tight, give him a shot, and send him home. We went to Walgreens and filled some pretty awesome prescriptions for Lortab and a strong muscle relaxer. So, John's pretty much been asleep in the recliner for 3 days now. He feels better, but still very sore. That's what you get for being a good Samaritan. :)

So obviously we are not very exciting this week. It's actually been ok because I've had a busy week at work and have spent most evenings at home working. So, sorry for few updates this week....hope to have more fun things to say soon!

Oh! One thing we did do was start Financial Peace University this week. I'm impressed's not any new information, just a better way to think about things. It looks like we'll be able to pay off our credit card debt by the time we finish this class in 12 weeks, and then we can start chipping away at the car loans. We're totally pumped....I'll keep you updated!

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