Friday, January 19, 2007

I'm such a Hater

Things I hate:

1) Cleaning the crockpot

2) "Treating yourself" to $150 on facial products and makeup only to have it backfire on you, causing breakouts like you've NEVER had before, and ending up with a dermatologist tell you to suspend use of those expensive products. Then to have the dermatologist ($35 copay) prescribe you an oral ($25 copay) and topical ($25 copay) medication to take care of it "in 3-4 weeks". Then to tell you what OTC product to use to wash your face ($8) and moisturizer to use ($10). Then realize you have to change several pieces of makeup back to Walgreens version, which will probably be another $20. Add that up, and I've spent over $250 since December 26th and all I have to show for it is a face not even a mother could love. I hate Clinique.

3) Driving behind another car after the ice has melted, and having the road water kick up on your windshield. Only, it's not just water. It's dirty, muddy, oil-filled slush that sticks to your windshield and when you try to use your wipers to get it off, it only spreads thicker and causes you not to be able to see. So, then every single time you use your windshield wipers you have to use the wiper fluid just to be able to see. How ironic it would be to spend your week going an extra-careful 15 mph on the highway because there is 5 inches of solid ice on the roads, only to get into an accident in 40-degree weather with completely melted roads because the ice you so carefully avoided ended up on your windshield in the form of incredibly dirty water.

4) Real Estate. Leave it to us to put our house on the market at the exact time "Snowstorm 2006" and "Ice Storm 2007" decide to hit Oklahoma. Even if a prospective buyer could make it across town on icy streets to see our house, our front door is practically frozen shut.

5) American Idol. I do not watch this show, and yet I know everything that goes on. That's all anybody can talk about. Amish guy tryouts, Paula fully loaded, Simon a bigger jerk than ever. Ugh. I hate that show. I like the music that comes out of it (have plenty of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood albums and HELLO the Daughtry CD is awesome) but I don't enjoy the whole process of getting there.

All that and I've had a pretty good week!

Sidenote: When I did spellcheck, the suggested word for "crockpot" came up as "crackpot". That, my friends, is funny!


Anonymous said...

Hey! I finally took the time to log in just for this comment. Have you tried the crock pot bags. They are great! They seem really expensive for basically a heat proof ziplock, but when you actually get to just take the bag out and throw it away and put your crockpot up - they are so worth it!! Check the aisle with ziplock baggies. trust me - you'll never clean green bean casserole junk from your pot again.


Anonymous said...

I was going to suggest the same thing. They are great!

Anonymous said...

I was going to suggest the same thing. They are great!

Julia said...

I have this one streak of dirty dried crust on my windshield and it's directly in my line of vision. I wipe it away with my wipers and fluid, and it dries back almost immediately. Piss me off.

I feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

I was totally going to suggest the bags too! lol. That's funny.