Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year from the Anderson's

We hope everyone has a fantastic 2007. Though the year started on a sour note with the Fiesta Bowl, we're sure it is going to be a great year! Boomer Sooner, we'll be in the hunt for a Championship in the fall!

Our 2007 resolutions include:
-Being wiser with our financial decisions. (We will be attending Financial Peace University for 13 weeks beginning January 15th)
-Getting healthier. (We're both joining Weight Watchers again, because we can be very successful at it when we try and because it's a great long-term lifestyle change)
-Watching our language and controlling what comes out of our mouths. We're both better than what we let slip a lot of times! We're not sailors by any means, but we don't always think before talking especially when we're angry! I should mention that neither one of our mother's raised us to talk that way....it just happened.

And that's it....those are the resolutions. Oh, and my resolution to not eat potatoes from Idaho for at least a week. We'll see how it goes!


Anonymous said...

UGH! What a game! Great idea on the potatoes. I vow to not eat them for a year or more!

Julia said...

Brooke is pregnant! I knew that already, but last time I saw her, she wasn't showing yet! Wow, shows how often we get together for book club!
Towards the end of overtime, right before it was all over, I said to mom, "I wonder what Jessica is doing right now." I had visions of screaming and tense and angry Tom Cruise-esque jumping on the couch. And as soon as the phone rang after that crap two point conversion, I just knew it was you! Stay strong with the potato ban! I salute you!