Monday, December 01, 2008

The weekend in a flash

Just a few thoughts from the last week:

-I am awfully proud of myself, seeing as how I called the Big 12 Championship spot back when we lost to Texas. I'm a believer, and my Sooners didn't let me down. On to beat Missouri and into the National Championship. Where we're going to win. Calling it heard it here!

-If we don't win, I still love my Sooners and have lots of faith. But I think this is their season. We're doing it!

-I passed my cold on to several people at work and in the family. I'm a giver, y'all.

-Yesterday was a full-on marathon of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" and I couldn't pull myself away. That is one crazy family. And I'm dumber now for having watched it.

-John made "trash" this weekend, so guess what we'll be snacking on for a while? For those not in John's world, that's fancy chex mix that he mixes and bakes for hours and hours.

-Had my first Black Friday experience. Probably because I couldn't sleep on Wednesday or Thursday night because of the cold. John and I were both awake all night Thursday. At 1:30 John said that if we were still awake at 3, we were going out. So, we headed out around 3, got donuts, and were fourth in line at Target! We got some great deals and about half our shopping done. Those people are crazy. Let's just say there was sprinting involved down the aisles.

-Thanks to my dad's visit, we now have a real live leg lamp to add to our Christmas decorations. One of our favorite Christmas movies is "A Christmas Story" with Ralphie and the Red Ryder BB Gun. You know, his dad gets a "major award", it's a mannequin leg with fishnet stockings that goes in the front window? Surely you guys have seen it. Anyway, that was John's Christmas present. Nice!! I am trying to find a spot in the front window for it. I'm that kind of wife.

-We saw "Bolt" this weekend. WAY cute and I highly recommend it!

-For the first time in our married life, I bought frozen pizzas yesterday at the store. He will tell you otherwise now, but John has ALWAYS told me he hates anything frozen including pizzas. They're not crispy enough. But seeing as though I will be home during the day with a baby for the next 8 weeks...I bought myself some frozen pizzas. And fish sticks. And curly fries. And pizza rolls. And bagel bites. And I'm finally looking forward to eating at home!

And that's all I can think of for right now!


Emily said...

I think we may take Cason to see Bolt. I'll assume that since you recommended it, you will baby sit Kendall while we go. Thanks tons!

momof2monsters said...

I love the movie A Christmas Story. One of my all time faves that rank up there with National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. I want the recipe for "trash" too. Sounds like something I would eat. I am getting excited and check your blog about a million times a day to see if the "call" comes!

Emily said...

Oh, and (I should have put this in earlier) (or I could have sent you a text to annoy John & Colin even more) Colin had a great grandpa that used to make trash all the time and so Colin and his brother always called him "Trash grandpa." Even now when they talk about him that's what they say. How funny.

Maybe John can be 'Trash Dad.'

not so zen momma said...

I volunteer to come eat frozen pizza with you. I love me some Totino's or Tony's or Red Baron...