Monday, December 08, 2008

I am not on narcotics. clearly.

Know what's awesome? A Sunday morning trip to the ER! What's even more awesome? Being treated like a narcotic-seeker.

I'm not sure what triggers these occasional migraines. John's best guess is that it's stress because they really started increasing in frequency and severity in January of this year. Only three times have I been so bad off that I end up seeking the care of a doctor. Usually I can medicate and sleep it off.

But Saturday I woke up with a feeling. Just knowing I was going to get a headache. But I second-guessed myself thinking some food would take care of it. By 4:00 it was a full-blown migraine. By halftime of the OU game (Boomer Sooner! I totally called it!) I was throwing up because of the pain. By Sunday morning I couldn't take it anymore...either have a headache or be nauseous...I can't take both.

So John took me to the local hospital that advertises seeing you in 25 minutes or less. Sure enough, they got me in in less than 5 minutes. Saw a doctor pretty quickly but it took almost an hour for the nurse to come give me a shot. AN HOUR. Let's examine this: the pain and nausea are bad enough that I've dragged my husband out of bed on a Sunday morning, I'm in a ballcap and wearing NO extra hour may, in fact, kill me. For real.

Did I mention NO MAKEUP? No shower, and a ballcap. It's serious.

The doctor was very clear he was not giving me a narcotic. Very clear. Like, repeated it 10 times in the three minutes he was with me. I wanted to say "ok, it's not like I'm Heather Locklear here please just give me something...anything. Narcotic or not."

Eventually I got a shot of anti-nausea meds and a shot of something else (NON-NARCOTIC) and by then I was feeling better anyway. Kind of a waste of a day and a $100 co-pay. I felt well enough by that afternoon to eat (because I threw up everything I'd ever eaten), get a Sam's Club card, shop at Sam's (and kind of wig out because shopping at Sam's while still on sleepy meds...wicked), have coffee at Starbucks, and see a movie.

And my Sooners are Big 12 Champions, and I'm calling it now...we're winning the National Championship. It's going to be awesome.

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