Thursday, December 11, 2008


Well, I mentioned that I'd be back with good news. And while on the surface the update I got yesterday is not good news....there is still good news to be found.

Our birthmother, N had a doctor appointment yesterday. She's made no progress and the doctor is refusing to set an induction date. She's very frustrated, tired, and upset. John and I are equally frustrated and upset. It's a bad deal, everyone is ready for Colt to make his grand entrance, like, yesterday.

Also, there are major ice storms predicted to hit Sunday night through Wednesday of next week. Which means we'll likely either be driving through them to get to the hospital or to get home. And if it shuts down the city and county court systems it puts us at legal risk longer than we'd hoped.

But, hey, who likes a person with a "glass half full" kind of attitude. Well, besides me of course! Here are the positives that came out of that update:

-Colt is still very healthy and growing
-N is still healthy, even though she's uncomfortable
-The doctor still thinks he can be delivered without a C-section
-N is still confident in her decision to make an adoption plan
-I get to work a few more days to add a few more days to my maternity leave in February
-More nights to sleep a full 8+ hours

So, see, I can handle it.

But, really...I want Colt to be here. I want to see him and kiss him and snuggle. I'm ready to know he's safe and healthy. So...prayers for patience but also a speedy delivery are much appreciated!


Jenny said...

I am not going to pray for patience, because I have found that why I pray for patience the Lord likes to give me reasons to have to use patience. I will pray the everything continues to go well. I will pray that everyone is happy and healthy. I will pray for good weather for your drive to the hospital and back home. I will pray there there will be no major problems with the paperwork for the adoption. I will pray that N makes enough progress that little Colt will join you soon! I will pray for peace and joy for all of you!

ChandraJoy said...

I agree with Jenny, I will pray for you to have peace in the waiting. (((HUGS)))