Saturday, December 20, 2008

Poor Baby

In case you couldn't tell from previous pictures, Colt has jaundice. But luckily, rather than admit him to the hospital they brought a phototherapy machine to the house! So the centerpiece on our coffee table is now a tanning bed!

It's not been bad, except he hasn't slept in a while so he's active and wild in there, meaning not as much light can be on his skin...we have to protect his eyes. Hopefully it won't take long to make him better!


C to the OURTNEY said...

He is such a big boy! And I'm proud of him for gettin' his tan on.

I am so happy for you guys! (How many times can I say that?) But he really is such a cute baby!

momof2monsters said...

hope he gets well soon! he will be a nice tan baby! My love and prayers are still going out to you guys as well as N.

VickieLynnHomies said...

Oh, so by tanning "bed"... you really meant tanning "suitcase" Ha!

Lisa said...

As a pale mother of two previously jaundiced little men, I feel you should be forewarned: If you get too close to him in pictures, people are going to start asking when YOU are going to get your OWN tanning bed.

P.S. He is gorgeous!

Charly said...

Even in his tanning bed, he is adorable. He has the cutest little face.