Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Totally separate re-entry into Blogworld and it doesn't really count because I'm not really back.

Dear Emily,

Please join Facebook. Just do it. It's time. I'm not asking for Twitter just yet. Just Facebook. I bet there are others who would join me in my plea.


P.S. - Liz, you're next.

Thank goodness I erased all episodes of "Pushing Daisies" that I had on my DVR last season. Also that I stopped watching "Dirty, Sexy Money" because I didn't have the time. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing one of your shows get canceled. I'm still recovering from "My So-Called Life" 13 years ago.

Reunited with my childhood friend Courtney via Facebook last night. Spent this morning reading her hilarious blog. She then wrote about some of our good times over the last 22 years. OMG...always good to have friends who knew you back when...we got into a lot of trouble together. Which I recounted in my journals from the turbulent middle school years that I never shared here, but Courtney doesn't mind sharing and it made me cry I laughed so hard.

I remember Courtney for many things over the years in youth group and Girl Scouts. One of the best things I remember about her was her Barbie dream house. It was three stories and had a pink elevator in it. I used to LOVE that thing! Did you ever have toy envy with your friends?

She's straight up funny, and apparently knows everything there is to know about water. Just trust me.

I've laughed a lot today. Not the least of which is because of the conversation posed between Angelina Jolie and JLo at my new favorite website.

I left my cell phone in the car after lunch today and it was a touch decision about whether to go get it or not. Ultimately the cold won out and I've not gone to get it (parked very far away). It has been liberating spending and entire afternoon not staring at it and willing it to ring.

I couldn't sleep last night. That doesn't happen to me very often, and usually when I have the rare instance of insomnia I just watch TV until I drift to sleep. But I was REALLY not tired, so I got up and wrapped all my Christmas presents last night! Finally fell asleep around 4 a.m. this morning but the wrapped beauties under my Christmas tree and the check on the to-do list make it all worth it.

Penn Square Mall two days in a row. Because apparently I did something really bad and I'm asking for punishment.

The end, lovelies. Hope to have good news for you soon!


not so zen momma said...

Agreed, Emily and Liz need Facebook pages. I've completely ditched Myspace. Aubrey and Shanna are on Facebook, we could organize book club invites via Facebook.

Cary said...

I was giving you five days before you couldn't stand it anymore and blog binged. Survey says... two days!

The addiction is strong with this one.


Emily said...

Would you and everyone else leave me alone about this? All in good time, my pretties, all in good time.

Seriously, I'm afraid I'll get lost in facebook and never be seen again.

Jodi's Blog said...

Hi there, you don't know me but your hubby is the supervisor to my hubby Trey. I just wanted to say that my cousin had that same Barbie dream house and I was the same way with her. I didn't really care for Barbie's all that much, but there was something about that gigantic dream house that made me want it! Well, take care and Trey and I are praying for you guys always.

Lindsey said...

My friend Megan had the Barbie dream house with the elevator too! I loved to go over to her house to play with it. What cracks me up now is that Barbie had her huge dream house but we still used the 3-legged plastic things that used to come (maybe still do) in the Pizza Hut boxes to keep your pizza from touching the top as tables :)

I read the blog conversation b/t JLo and Angelina...that was awesome!