Monday, December 15, 2008

Dear Zachary

Yesterday was a banner day to stay curled up in bed, which I did. And after watching some real life mystery show on MSNBC this documentary started called Dear Zachary. And I was immediately entranced in the premise. It started out as a film about how one person's life can affect so many people. About how one average, everyday person can leave an impression and touch other lives in a profound way. About how much one person can be missed by so many when they're gone.

It started out as memories of a man named Andrew Bagby. And it was sweet and profound. Even the filmmaker, Andrew's childhood best friend, admitted that he started making the movie to preserve memories of Andrew before they were gone. He was an only child, people's stories would be precious to his parents.

But as he began his journey around the world to talk to pretty much everybody who ever knew Andrew it quickly turned into a different story. It became a movie about a father...Andrew had been murdered by a crazy woman who turned out to be pregnant with his child. So it was even more important to make the film so one day his son would know more about the father that had been selfishly taken from him.

It doesn't stop turning and twisting into more. By the end I was in shock, awe, and tears. I can't shake the story. I think everyone should watch it. It was that powerful and amazing to me. I had not heard of the story before seeing the film, so I didn't know the horrific twist it would take. Which made it that much more effective. The end is absolutely horrifying. And it's all TRUE.

If you get the chance to catch Dear Zachary on MSNBC sometime, do yourself a favor and watch it. You'll hurt for those left behind, cry out at the way the law often fails to protect, and wonder how one family can suffer so much incredible pain. At the same time, you'll walk away wishing that you have even a fraction of the effect on your friends and family that Andrew had on his.

Really, I can't stop thinking about it. It's really, really good. Just watching the trailer gives me chillbumps and brings tears to my eyes. Just watch it.

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