Friday, October 31, 2008

The result and a week in a flash

So, I know you were all wondering how my day as a guest speaker at OU went...and it went GREAT! I'm always amazed at how confident of a public speaker I am. I am always SO nervous before a crowd of people I don't know, and I think of all the ways I can stumble and say "um, uh, like, um" over and over again...then I get on stage and open my mouth and it's a complete out-of-body experience. It's like hearing someone else say the words.

Anyway, it went well. Several students came up to me to ask about internships and job contacts, some even said they weren't sure about PR as a major until they heard me talk about agency PR and now they have more direction. Yay! It is definitely easy for me to talk about how much I love my job, the agency I work for, my co-workers, my experience, my work. Of course there are days when I think I just want to throw in the towel. But I would say 98% of the time work is very rewarding for me. I couldn't imagine being anywhere else.

Other news this week in flash form:

We got a camcorder...we went Christmas shopping instead of trick-or-treating...John's going to the OU game tomorrow...our first baby shower is Sunday...we saw a really funny, really inappropriate movie...we went to a Halloween party last night...we bought paint for our nursery...I haven't cleaned my house in weeks...I'm currently obsessed with wanting the carpets cleaned (any recommendations?)...we've enjoyed absolutely perfect weather in one gave us a hard time about our choice for our baby's name...I finally got invitations out for Liz's shower, which is going to be awesome...and we had a couple of dinners together.

That has been our week.

Next week I vote on Tuesday (thank goodness this election madness is almost over) and then head to Hilton Head, South Carolina for 5 days. Yeah, business travel can be tough.

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Elizabeth said...

I just opened my invitation. LOVE IT!!! I'm so excited.