Thursday, October 23, 2008


If I had all the money in the world and could do whatever frivolous thing I wanted, I would have heated tile floors in my house.

Ok, and probably a maid to clean them.

What frivolous thing would you have?


Elizabeth said...

A personal chef.

And a Dyson.

And a maid to use the Dyson.

And a PikePass from my husband for my birthday.

Oh, you said thinG not thingS. Oh well.

Emily said...

A driver. The real kind, not the golf kind.

Joe said...

If you put heated tiles in your house, Faith would always be in the way laying on them but at least she'd keep the dust off the floor...

Michele said...

I would convert our guest bedroom into my personal walk-in closet. Seeing as how it would be the size of the bedroom our guests could still sleep there. Heated flooring would be nice in the winter too.

momof2monsters said...

i would have a chef

a water softener

someone to do my wash

evawebdiva said...

I would stop feeling guilty over having our lawn done.