Monday, October 13, 2008


When I was a senior in high school, I applied to a few in-state colleges. I got into all that I applied to, but my decision was quite clearly between OU and OSU. I was actually leaning more toward OSU in the beginning. I had several friends that were in the journalism program there and my grandfather is an alumnus.

I had not been swayed by my parents one way or another. They weren't really sports fans and both had gone to Oklahoma Christian University (formerly OCC)) so it was totally up to me. I visited both campuses and while I thought OSU was a perfectly lovely campus, my heart leapt from my body when I stepped on the grounds at the University of Oklahoma. It was beautiful...old buildings, lots of trees, old red phone booths everywhere. For some reason, I felt completely at home. It looked exactly like what I'd pictured college would look like.

But I didn't know anyone going to OU. Many of my high school friends were a year younger, or a year older and out-of-state. I ended up going "potluck" on dorm roommates and got extremely lucky (Hi Jenny C.!!). I spent the first few weeks counting down the days to the weekends to come home, and eventually I wandered a few feet away to a little white house on Elm street called The University Outreach Center. It was the church of Christ student center (shout out to the CofC) and I figured it was worth a shot.

My life would never, ever be the same as I stepped through the door there. I will never forget being greeted by two friendly girls named Laura (not my future roommate but another one) and Jenny (not the current freshman roommate but another one). It wouldn't be long before I met Brooke, Cary, Derek, Mario, Pam and all the others who would make my four years at OU the most fun of my life.

I have so many stories about my time there. So many adventures and travels and classes and long nights studying at Prairie Kitchen. Scavenger hunts, Life Groups, ski trips, pranks, football games, and hundreds of hours talking and laughing and never going to class. It was thanks to the insistence of my friends there that I bought season football tickets in 2000 and discovered the absolute bliss that is Oklahoma and college football. It was a blast and I was truly blessed to be a part of such an incredible group.

This weekend is the first annual "Sooners for Christ" reunion at the Outreach Center. Not everyone can make it, but I'm SO excited to see those that can. I keep in touch with many, but we don't see each other very often. I can't wait to spend the weekend (and watch the game) with them!


Pam said...

I am SO excited about it. I'm ready to kick back and hang with everyone from "back in the day!" Good post!

Lori said...

Summer up my thoughts perfectly! See you this weekend!

Cary said...

Awesome. I might write a post about this, but it would be hard keeping it less than 500,000 words.

Are you going to the game? If so, do you have tickets already?

jenny said...

LOL love the shoutout, I feel special :)!