Thursday, October 09, 2008


It's really hard to think of anything else at this point, but I'll try.

I realized I never went over my traditional "Fall TV List" like I have in the past. This is when I proudly admit ALL the TV I watch each season and then do my best to keep from rolling my eyes when people proclaim "how do you have the time"? To those I say: how do you NOT have the time?

GET A DVR, PEOPLE! It changes your life.

Anyway, here goes my fall TV list. This is what is currently on my regular DVR list, though I'm thinking of dropping a few. Those are indicated below.

- Brothers and Sisters
- Mad Men (if you're not watching this phenomenal show, rent the first season or view it OnDemand and get caught up! Pam, my fellow advertising major, this means you!)

- How I Met Your Mother
- Samantha Who?
- CSI: Miami
- Raising the Bar (I'm thinking of dropping this one)

- House
- Fringe (BEST new show of the season! Love it!)
- Law and Order: SVU
- Without a Trace (thinking of dropping it, but I've watched since the beginning and I'll feel guilty)

- Criminal Minds (got into this late last year and I really like it)
- Dirty, Sexy Money

- The Office
- Grey's Anatomy

Once the spring season starts this list will include Lost and American Idol.

I also love catching random episodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, and Girls Next Door. That's about the extent of my "reality". And none of those are on our recording list right now because it was too much!

John and I agree on only 3 shows: The Office, House, and HIMYM. But we're trying to catch up on a little USA show called Psych if my sister will ever bring over the first season for us! Hint, hint!

Ok...there you go. Don't even try to make me feel bad about it because I don't. I'm not really a movie person, so this and college football are my entertainment. And coffee. I'd always rather be at Starbucks with my girls than in front of the TV!


Lindsey said...

You should add Private Practice to your Wednesday night. It is better than Grey's (in my opinion), or at least the season is starting out that way.

Not sure if you remember me. I was at the Outreach from 2001-2003 and I lived with Laura and Michelle for a year.

VickieLynnHomies said...

Billy and I watch The Office. We love Dwight the most. He's special. Haha

Pam said...

I love, love, love TV in the fall! It's part of why Fall is my favorite season. We share a lot of the same favs, but I'm with Lindsey, you should add Private Practice. And Dancing With the Stars for laughs. And I like The Mentlist, but Mitzi tells me it's a ripoff of Psych (which I've never seen)- so maybe I need to see that too. So many shows, so little time (but I WILL find the time!!!!). Thanks for sharing your list!

Emily said...

You better stock up on Girls Next Door now! Hef and the girls are all broken up now.

Julia said...

The Mentalist is a ripoff of Psych! Psych is much better...better characters, better story development, cleverer...but I digress.

I promise I'm going to get you the first season soon! I want you to watch it because I LOVE it!

not so zen momma said...

Okay, I know you dropped CSI (the original), but last night's episode made me cry for an hour. Nothing like shaking up the original cast...

Hmmm, my list is different. We are into Bones, House, The Office, My Name is Earl, Two and Half Men, CSI and Project Runway.

Brian & Jennifer said...

Usually your fall TV list makes me smile because I realize I am not the only one who loves to watch TV. Your weekly list is small compared to mine so I must return to counseling sessions for my addiction. My name is Jenny and I watch WAY to much TV;)