Monday, October 20, 2008

If only every weekend could be like this

How do I even begin to describe the TOTALLY AWESOME weekend I had? I mean, it was a weekend of weekends. Total fun from start to finish.

I should start by saying I did not take one single picture. Not one. I was too busy talking to even think about pictures, and there were plenty of photographers around so I will steal shamelessly from their Facebooks and hopefully have a few pieces of the weekend documented.

On Friday John and I headed to Norman for a BBQ dinner with other former Sooners for Christ alumni to catch up and remember good times. It was especially nice for me because most people that came to the first annual weekend reunion were from my generation. Hopefully in the next few years as we get it up-and-going we will see more and more from across the years, but it was nice this time to see so many familiar faces.

After a long night of talking we headed home. Saturday I headed down for some tailgating and game-watching. I have to say, one of the things I miss the most about that time in my life is watching football games with everyone. There is nothing else like it, it's the best time. I wasn't even at the stadium and I had a blast. But we're so close that we left the windows and doors open at the Outreach Center, and we could hear when good things happened before we saw them on TV. Very exciting.

That evening there was a small group of us that came together to sing and share experiences. We talked about how the ORC changed our life, our experiences (funny and serious) and we could have gone on all night. I left so refreshed and excited, but with the slightest twinge of sadness that my time there is over. I liked to say for a long time it was the best four years of my life and in so many ways it was. But I also love the life I have with John and the friends we have together (many of them carry-overs from our time in Norman) and I imagine that beginning in December no time in my life will be able to compare.

I also just have to shower some love on my friend Aaron, who said some things to me that made my heart burst. He is married to the most amazing woman, one of my very best friends and father to the sweetest girl in the world. They are lucky to have him, and John and I are beyond blessed to have them in our lives.

Cary had a good summary. I'm sure others will follow suit.

So that was just the first part of the weekend. On Sunday John and I drove back to Norman and went to church at Alameda for the first time in years. It was nice, and we had a good old-fashioned kid-free lunch with Pam and Todd. Although, their kids are hilarious so it would have been fun to have them there....but I think Pam and Todd were excited to have an adult lunch so who knows?!

I needed a nap after all that...and because our night was about to get crazy.

A few months ago, quite randomly John announced that Neil Diamond was the "greatest American songwriter of all time". I mean, who doesn't like a little Neil, I suppose, but WHAT?! I mean really, totally random. It was something he'd been keeping to himself all 9 years we've known each other but whatev.

Anyway, not long after that announcement he made another announcement: he'd bought tickets to see Neil Diamond at the Ford Center in OKC. And he paid really ridiculous money for the tickets. But it was his blow money so, again....whatev.

Sunday was the night. The show started at 8 and we were going with a few friends. We decided to hit Bricktown for dinner first, but everyone in the metro area over 40 years old was in Bricktown for dinner. Zio's was backed up, as was every place along the canal. Except one spot.

Y'all, I preceded my trip to see Neil Diamond in concert with my first trip to Hooters. It was just that kind of night. (Yeah, Liz, we totally went to Hooters with your never stops making me giggle!)

After some surprisingly good food we headed to the concert. I don't have any photos of the concert because apparently Neil is very picky about cameras and you're not allowed to bring them in. So, our poor friends volunteered to hike my camera all the way back to the car while we got settled in.

The concert started with John's favorite song, "Holly Holy". And from then on it was pretty fantastic. The great thing about this kind of concert was all the OLD people who aren't afraid to be cheeseballs. There was singing (loudly) and dancing. And it felt like everyone was patting everyone else on the back with jolly "Neil Diamond is awesome" friendliness.

I can't decide if the best part was "Sweet Caroline" twice with the lights on the audience, everyone swaying, singing like mad and pumping their fists in the air OR if it was the encore with "Coming to America" AND "Brother Love's Travelin' Salvation Show".

I'm officially a fan, y'all.

Thanks for sticking with me through my long update....awesome weekend deserves awesomely long update!

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Elizabeth said...

I don't know what's more funny. The fact that my mom has been to Hooters before me or the fact that she ordered a salad.

She had a blast with you guys. Thanks for Nana-sitting while I was out of town. I'm sure she'll return the favor for Baby Anderson.