Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Atlantic Coast

So here I am in Virginia Beach. I was REALLY looking forward to this business trip. It was going to be very relaxed (I didn't even bring work clothes--all jeans), no scheduled meetings, just some strategy sessions and bonding with coworkers. Unfortunately, the meetings were over before I even arrived. Nobody's fault, but there is no reason for me to stay the next few days so I'm headed home tomorrow.

Which really stinks because it's beautiful here, and my hotel is literally on the beach. Below is the view from my balcony....one of only a few times I could actually enjoy myself!

I did go spend some time on the beach, reading one of the many baby books I have received recently and enjoying the smell and sound of the ocean. It got too cold to stay out in flip flops and capris so I headed to eat at the hotel restaurant. I ate the very best crab cake I've ever had...I love having seafood at the sea!

Anyway, I am going to sleep well with the sound of the ocean rocking me tonight. All in a day's work!

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