Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Twitter posts are actually called "tweets" and that makes me giggle!

Thanks, Brooke for inviting me to Twitter. You're not the first person to ask me to do it...my work has actually recommended all their employees twitter.

I would be awesome at Twittering...I could update people on very important things like:

"I like coffee in the mornings, and I never knew that about myself."
"I'm having grilled cheese for lunch because you can never have too many grilled cheese."
"Gosh, summer TV is so boring except for SWINGTOWN."
"If I'm a subscriber to People magazine, when is my Brangelina twins edition arriving in my mailbox?"
"I think I could be BFF with Ben Stiller. He's definitely my kind of people, I could tell from the back of the room."
"Do I want a cheeseburger or a hamburger for dinner?"
"I wonder how hard it would be to Twitter while driving?"
"How many times can you wear these dress pants before taking them to the cleaners?"
"Is my newfound obsession with Neil Patrick Harris a problem? Do I need therapy because he's AWESOME!"
"I'm using kitchen tongs to pick up John's sweaty mowing shirt and transfer it to the washer."

See...I would be awesome at Twitter. Not boring at all.

I think Twitter would only make me feel more pathetic and boring. This blog is already a reflection of how little I do besides work, sleep, drink coffee and watch borderline questionable television!

Thoughts on Twitter? Would you follow me?


Lori said...

I'd follow you! My twitter also updates facebook- tweeting makes me feel efficient :)

not so zen momma said...

I am going to give you the same recommendation you gave me for blogging... just try it!

I totally got my hands on the Brangelina baby issue at Walmart. The 14 pages is an over exaggeration, they are full page spread images. Cute, but not all that telling. (Not like Jennifer's very dangerous baby nursery)

Emily said...

1) I spent 30 minutes yesterday trying to come up with a twitter name for myself. All the ones I wanted that didn't sound stupid were taken (ewhite, emilyw, etc.). I'm ready to take the leap when you are.

2) Please tell me you are not watching Swingtown. Because if you are, we may have to stop being friends.

Michele said...

I'm on twitter (techgurladpi) and your tweets sound 10x better than what I'm doing now. Let me know when you get on and we can follow each other! hooray!

Annie said...

Twitter is Big Brothers evil little brother, we are happily documenting every second of the day for all to review should anyone have "probable cause" - or maybe I spent too much time in the Pacific Northwest.

I too love Neil Patrick Harris. I want his motivational poster on "Awesomeness" would someone tell me where to buy it?

Does Twitter have the capability of picture mail, making it possible for all of my followers to vote on whether or not to buy these shoes?

I'll now return to my own blog, and not hijack yours any longer.