Friday, August 29, 2008

American Idols Live

I got a call from my mom yesterday about 4:30...she'd come upon 4 FREE tickets to the American Idol Live concert last night, did I know anyone who'd want them? WHAT?! Yes! I want them!

I thought of the many people that might want to go, but the first people that popped up were my friends in the office. I got 2 on-board and left to get the tickets. It was 5:00 and the concert started at 7:00! I didn't end up getting anyone for the fourth seat (I would have called, but I know so many of you are busy and can't just drop your kids even for the chance to see David Cook in person!).

We had a fabulous time...I will say we were at the young end of the average age. I would say 70% of the crowd was over 40. And, believe it or not, there were lots of men there! Oh, sure, there were plenty of screaming Archuleta fans. But there were plenty of families and older couples enjoying the show.

Worst part? Definitely Kristy Lee Cook who did not smile or have any energy on stage. Everyone else was great. Michael Johns and the two Davids were definitely my favorites. Syesha was A-MA-ZING in person, Carly is super skinny now, Brooke is just fun. I don't really like Jason Castro but his last song was awesome. Chikezie was really good, too.

Pics below: Top Ten together, David Cook (3 pics), David Archuleta (3 pics), Michael Johns, Syesha, Carly, Brooke, and 4 of the girls. It was so fun, especially because it was free. I would say now more than ever...I'm officially an American idol fan.

I love David Cook!


John said...

Can we add this post to the list of things that embarrass your husband?

Audrey said...

AHHHH! I am so jealous!

Melanie said...

You are in so much trouble for not calling me! I totally would have gone! I am not at all bitter or jeallous.

Michelle said...

Looks like you had great seats! I love Brooke. She seems so real. What a fun concert to see.