Monday, August 11, 2008


I bought two new books this weekend: The Shack and Stuff White People Like.

What do you think that says about me?

Anyway, "Stuff" is hilarious. Some examples of stuff white people like: coffee, international travel, organic food, natural childbirth, Dave Chapelle, Apple products, NetFlix, hardwood floors, not owning a TV, and adopting children from foreign countries.

Trust's funny.

John and I were talking tonight about the upcoming football season. We talked about how the only three games we lost last year were games where he wasn't watching it with his friend Andrew.

Then, we realized that the only year since we met that we weren't together in some form or fashion was 2000. The year we won the National Championship.

Hhhhmmm...does that mean we're bad luck together? John said maybe we should legally separate until after bowl season. Because that's what true fans do.

YES! Ok, it's true. I watch Swingtown. And NO, I'm not proud of it. I blame it on the summer. First step in any healing process is admitting there's a problem.

I also watch The Secret Life of the American Teenager and I want to claw my eyes out every time. But I can't. stop. watching.

The more I look at this list, the more I feel a little bad about myself...


Anonymous said...

hey! Don't new addiction is that teenage show too!! hahaha You got to is addicting..and drama filled :)!


not so zen momma said...

After almost a decade of being your football buddy... I don't think John's request is too unreasonable.

I think we can teach Van our OU good luck routine (rub the nose and wiggle the fingers) this year. He is already doing some interesting things with his hands after watching women's gymnastics... that may sound bad... but it is hilarious.

Emily said...

I heard some people on a plane I was on discussing The Shack recently and I decided it was to be my next book club pick. Argh! You foiled me!

My position remains firm on "Swingtown." I will not watch butt ugly people figure their way through the cliches of the sexual revolution. Hopefully the Olympics and upcoming football will help wean you off Swingtown.