Friday, August 08, 2008

Makes me sick

I don't know why this story bothers me so much. It's not like it's surprising, like it never happens. It's not like I even thought of him as a good person or anything more than your average politician.

I guess I had always admired his wife and all they'd been through together. I admired her for being so strong and moving forward with her life instead of bowing down to incurable cancer. I admired her for supporting other women and for being a great example of having it all: kids, a career, a driven husband, and grace to handle it all.

When I read this story, I just felt sick. So typical. I just don't understand. She's lived a public life, given birth to four children, buried a child, and battled cancer numerous times. She's going to die from the cancer she has now. They have two very young children. Why? Why can he not keep it in his pants? Why is marriage and a history together and children and a reputation to uphold not enough for men like him?

Not that our choices are that much better these days, but thank heavens we didn't elect him president.

Ok...stepping off soapbox. I don't know why, but it really just got to me.

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