Tuesday, February 05, 2008

God is so good and it's a small world afterall

Thank you, thank you for all your thoughts and prayers for Kevin, my Dad and DeAnna. It is an amazing thing, prayer. Especially those sent up for strangers.

I talked to my dad today, who was thrilled to report that Kevin woke up today. He is talking and laughing and especially pleased to see his fiance, who flew out to be at his side. They removed the breathing tube and hope to take him out of ICU tomorrow. They will also be testing his motor skills tomorrow, so he still needs prayers that everything works right!

By all accounts, he was in a grave situation when he arrived at the hospital. Lungs full of water, unconcious, not responding to tests. Several doctors, nurses, chaplains have told Dad that they are amazed by the "remarkable recovery" and the speed at which it's happening.

Funny....Kevin's a pretty amazing guy. But not THAT amazing to make a recovery like that all on his own. I'm pretty sure the prayers of friends, family, and strangers across the country had a hand in all that--and Kevin would be the very first to say it!

My Dad and DeAnna are also doing well. They felt comfortable enough to head home for some rest after Kevin woke up today. DeAnna even worked a shift at her volunteer job and Dad's going to try and go back to work tomorrow. They are very sore and pretty banged up (their muscles ache today from all the work to stay above water and keep breathing) but doing well. Most healing now will be emotional.

My Dad was amazed with the blog comments, e-mails, calls, and concerns of all my friends. And in a totally weird turn of events it turns out someone else was calling on their blog friends for prayers for MY dad. Someone I don't even know! Turns out my friend Aubrey has a friend (and I think former roommate) named Kara. After Aubrey read about the accident on my blog, she went on to read Kara's update who asked for prayers for "Joe, DeAnna, and Kevin". Turns out it was, in fact, the same people! Kara grew up going to the same church all three went to in Minnesota.

It's such a small world. It's like seven degrees of the church of Christ. Anyway...thanks to Kara for the prayer request and to Aubrey for letting me know. My Dad wants to thank everyone for their concern. He's humbled and a overwhelmed and I'm sure will write about it on his blog as soon as he's up to putting into words. Praise God!!

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ChandraJoy said...

That is great news! The power of prayer is an amazing thing!