Monday, February 25, 2008

It's very cold and my feet are numb

Some random thoughts...

I'm in Rochester, NY today. I fly home tomorrow, amid the predicted 6-12 inches of snow. Let's home for on-time arrivals, because apparently 6-12 inches of snow here is "not a big deal".

My mom had a fun adventure over the weekend. Her best friends own a local funeral home and needed someone to drive a body to Mississippi. Imagine 14 hours on the road with a dead body in the back of an Excursion. That would be a fun story if you got pulled over.

I used to fill in for the funeral home for evening visitations when I was in school. It was a great way to make a couple extra bucks and get homework done. I'd sit there and direct visitors to the visiting rooms, then close down the place in the evening. The worst part was turning lights off in the back, where the embalming rooms were. But the bodies in the caskets never bothered me...

Three months from today we will set sail out of Seattle for Alaska. I wish it was TODAY we were headed there!

I am ashamed to admit it, but I may kind of like American Idol. I've been watching with mild interest the past couple of weeks. It's not something I'm ready to commit valuable DVR space to, but if I'm home and it's on...I'll tune in.

I also think Dancing with the Stars is stupid, but I may tune in because my 80s crush Steve Guttenberg is going to be on there. Who doesn't love Steve Guttenberg? Three Men and a Baby, anyone?

I got my hair cut on Saturday, much shorter than I've had it before. It's a weird feeling...almost like it's not my hair. I keep touching it and messing with it because it feels like I have a wig on or something. Guess it will grow out.

I don't understand different TV schedules for different time zones. How do people on the East Coast live? They have to stay up until 11:00 to watch anything good, and that's well past my bedtime! How did they live before DVR? And what about nightly's practically midnight before you go to bed. Makes no sense to me.

That's about all the interesting I can muster for the day. I need to finish my notes for my all-day presentation tomorrow. Good night and good luck.


Elizabeth said...

What part of Z-list stars in sequins is stupid? I'm begining to question your taste...

Emily said...

I'm actually quite embarrassed about loving Dancing with the Stars. When it first came on I was like,"What a stupid show! Who would watch that?" Me, apparently. And who doesn't heart a little Guttenberg?

Aubrey said...

I thought your hair looked different on Sunday morning...very cute! I like!

I'm with you on the Dancing with the Stars. I just can't get into it!

Have fun in the snow!

evawebdiva said...

Oh, I'm so're in my neck of the woods..borne and raised outside of Buffalo! Rochester is to Buffalo what Tulsa is to OKC. (And the same temperment too. Ha!)