Saturday, February 09, 2008

Shop 'til I Drop

I don't know when in my life I turned into someone cheap. But I did. I wouldn't say I'm extreme, but at some point I forced myself to stop turning to retail therapy. Which then made me pretty much hate shopping. I really don't like to spend a day shopping. Maybe if I had more money I would.

However, today was so beautiful outside I couldn't sit at home. John was golfing, I'd had a tasty lunch at Red Robin and I was ready to do some damage. Or at least enough damage as my blow money would allow.

I started at DSW, couldn't find anything in my price range. So I headed next door to a little accessories shop called Dustee's. If you live in OKC and need fun jewelry, handbags, scarves, wallets, etc. head to Dustee's. Very affordable and really cute stuff. I bought this amazing clasped wallet and sparkly necklace.

Then, something very scary came over me. I felt the need to go to Ross. I HATE ROSS. I really hate any discount stores, because you have to rummage. I don't like to rummage, I like my clothes to be all the same on the same rack where I can grab my size and move along. But I went, and of course found about 1,000 things I wanted. I ended up with the perfect brown purse and brown ballet flats, but talked myself out of everything else.

A customary trip to Old Navy was next, where I talked myself out of more jeans (I have an addiction to jeans) but did buy two shirts with a Christmas gift card. One of the lowest points of the day came when trying on shorts (have to stock up for Hawaii). Believe it or not, I have gained almost 15 pounds since last summer. I'd like to blame it on medical procedures but it's really just loving food too much. Anyway....trying on shorts ended up being incredibly depressing and I didn't buy any that felt OR looked good.

Can't wait to start trying on bathing suits.

I ended my day at Barnes and Noble, where I was looking for a new book club recommendation. I ended up buying a book, but not one for the club. So another book will be in my near future!

It was a great day and everything was made a dent in my blow money, but I still have $32 to last me to next Friday.

But I still hate shopping.


Aubrey said...

Hope I'm not posting twice, but, before my internet froze on me, I was leaving this comment (from the best of my memory!):

Your day sounds like so much fun! I love days like that when you can shop for clothes and spend a little cash!

not so zen momma said...

Our "blow money" budgets must be so, so different! Congrats on the new buys!