Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday, Little Blog!

Well, today is my blog birthday. Or blogiversary. I don't know. Anyway...I've been at this thing for 3 years now, can you believe it?

In three years we've managed to move twice (the blog was originally started to document building our first house, which we promptly move out of 18 months later!). We've had promotions and turned a complete 180 on the whole kid thing. We've made new friends, watched old ones leave. Our families have changed, our pets have changed, we've changed. Kind of crazy to think about what all has happened in three short years.

So Happy Blogiversary Birthday, and thanks for sticking around with me for so long!

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Audrey said...

How exciting! Mine will be 3 in June. Hard to believe Carson was just barely crawling! Here's to many, many more!