Sunday, February 10, 2008

Commericals that make me cry

Pedigree's Adoption Drive.

You know, the ones that show beautiful dogs in shelters and talk about how "for every dog adopted, there's one that's not" and "imagine your family moving...and not taking you with them".

I can't even think about those stupid commercials without wanting to cry and adopt a thousand dogs. But since I can't do that, please consider shelter dogs when getting a new dog in your family.

I also want to cry every time an Integris commercial comes on, too. But for some reason homeless dogs make me even more sad.

Am I the only one? You don't even have to like dogs to want to cry and adopt them after seeing those commercials...


The Powers Family said...

i have been promising the kids a dog for about 6 months but Caryn always veto's. So i know your feeling when you see the cute puppy that needs adopting.
Our first dog outgrew our yard. we were practically on a first name basis with the kennel officers. And we miss him dearly, which only makes the commericials worse.

evawebdiva said...

We got our dog (just this past December) from a rescue mission in Prague. There are 50 dogs there in a kind-hearted dog-lovers home! It's sad.

I find the Maxhouse commercial around Christmas time very touching. But I'm an extreme crier.

Emily said...

I blogged about this exact same thing like a year ago.

Everytime I see the commercial, I stare at Colin and hate him for getting a pure bred lab instead of adopting.

Julia said...

I know exactly what you're talking about! Echo! That's the poor dog that thinks he's going to get adopted until the family just walks away! I HATE that commercial! It's terrible! So sad!

I do, however, love those commercials for Liberty Mutual, where people see someone doing something nice for someone, and in turn, they do something nice. And at the end, it always ends up back at the beginning - showing how it's like a circle and the good karma comes back. Gosh, I love those. They just make me feel good, and occasionally, cry. I cry at a lot of stuff like that though. :-)

ChandraJoy said...

Those commercials make me want to run to the shelters too! With 4 cats and 2 dogs, we just cannot do it. It breaks my heart.

not so zen momma said...

Maggie was rescued from a very scary Midwest City pound, and I do cry over poor Echo. And Ford, who can hear again. And Cody, who lived because of a terrible accident involving a child.