Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Working from Home

I could never work from home. Of course, I know my "work from home" experiences have been because I'm sick (like today) or there's 3 feet of ice on the streets. But still...I need an office to report to. Otherwise, the whole house feels like workspace and it's hard to relax. And the lighting is all wrong and I get a headache.

Of course, I love having the option to work from home. And it's even better now because we have wireless! It allows me to work at home, but it also makes it hard to just take a sick day. Because I can rest-up and try to feel better but my e-mail keeps dinging at me. Plus, we're now looking for new employees in several different offices so interviews and resume reviews will consume me for the next several weeks. So far I have been able to fight off the Blackberry, but as my job continues to change it may be inevitable.

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that my curtains were featured on an episode of "House" last week. Kelly had brought it to my attention, so I was watching for it. It's nice to know I was ahead of the curve...perhaps they saw the curtains on my blog, noticed they were from IKEA and liked the look? Just let me think that...

I'm hoping I feel better by Friday. My mom and I are headed to Canton this weekend. I'm so pumped because I've heard so much about it. Can't wait to be overwhelmed with all the flea-market, crafty finds. We come back on Sunday and on Monday I'm back in Dallas for the day. Then Tuesday, I head to Norfolk, Virginia. It would really suck to be sick and stuck in an airport.

I would like to congratulate Jeff and Shannon on the birth of their baby girl. After all this time she still wants the baby's name to be a surprise, so I won't ruin it here. But it's pretty cute!

I would also like to congratulate JC and Courtney, because I hear they are going to welcome a DVR into their home. Courtney, you're going to love it!

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