Wednesday, May 09, 2007

More Travel Woes

Well, as I anticpated this trip has not gotten any better. Flight out of Norfolk was delayed an hour. My next flight was originally scheduled out of Dallas at 10:05 p.m. It's now 10:45 and I'm still here in Dallas. Possible departure time is now midnight. We'll see....I'd rather get there at 3 in the morning than have to wait for a flight out tomorrow....

I did find a friend, though. A work colleague happens to be on the same flight I am. Funny...he's headed to Special Olympics tomorrow in Stillwater, just like me! I'm trying to get back in time for that, because it's one of my favorite events all year to witness.

Flying sucks.


Sarabeth said...

you do not know me but your blog is nice. I also have had quite a few problems with American, i hope your week starts to look better.

Brandon said...

Since I live in Fort Worth and American Airlines is THE GOD of DFW airport, I fly them frequently. I've found that you simply have to lower your expectations when you fly American. Try this next time:

1.) Do not ever assume that they care about you or your business. Despite loosing money they don't need you or your money.
2.) Do not anticipate being treated like a person, the worlds largest airline is apparantely exempt from treating people like... well, people.
3.) DO expect to have your flight delayed, rerouted, diverted, or cancelled. IF none of these happen, rest assured you WILL be bumped off of your flight.

My conditions for a successful trip on AA are this:
1.) I arrive alive and with no major injuries (excluding psychological trauma).
2.) Both me and my luggage arrive within 72 hours of my scheduled arrival... although not necessarily together.