Friday, May 18, 2007

Julia's Italy Trip

You'll notice a new link toward the right side of the page called "Julia's Italy Trip". This is where my adventurous 21-year-old sister, Julia, will be posting her thoughts on the dusty, sweaty, 3-week archaeological dig she's about to leave for. She leaves tonight for Dallas to catch an early flight that will eventually land her in Orvieto, Italy. There she will be digging up something. I'm sure it will one day be in a museum. Anyway, my dad and I basically begged her to start a blog so we could follow along. But she'll be spending HOURS each day in the hot sun and dirt, so she might be too tired to write. But hopefully she'll keep us entertained.

By the way....she knows no one going on the trip. She's just going for the sheer experience. I could never do that. She'll either come back convinced archaeology is the right thing for her, or convinced it's better left to someone else. We shall see! Good luck, Julia!

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