Friday, March 24, 2006

Triple Espresso

Well, I'm having a very nice, relaxing time in Minnesota so far. We've done a lot of shopping and I've escaped fairly unscathed. Yesterday we went outlet mall shopping before heading into downtown to a show called "Triple Espresso". It was really really funny. Good clean family fun. It really was enjoyable and I'd love to see it again sometime to get more of the jokes.

Today we went to IKEA and the Mall of America. WOW--IKEA is amazing. Can't wait to go down to Dallas in the Magnum and bring back some good stuff! All I bought were some fun boxes for the office. But I found a lot of stuff! At the Mall of American the only thing I bought was a jar of white chocolate creamy peanut butter from the peanut butter store. I was so tempted to have them make me a was such a cool store!

Tomorrow is even more relaxation day. Going to the gym to soak in the hot joints are inflamed and sore from all the activity today! Then maybe a movie, maybe dinner....who knows. I love bumming around on Saturdays, so I'm up for whatever.

I did go to two cool shops today. One was "Relax the Back" store, and I finally found a pillow/wedge designed by an orthopedist to put between my knees at night for support of my hips and knees. Paid a little money for it, but it will definitely make a difference. Then I went to "Storables". It was a giant store full of organization tools! What a dream job that would be--running a store and designing a clean, orderly house for people. I loved that shop!

I'm getting pretty tired to bed. But I wanted to check in. Pics to come...hopefully!

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