Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I'm Fine! all my friends and family who called yesterday and today about my blog yesterday--I'm fine! The response has convinced me that I don't talk about God enough in my life because when I did everyone thought something was wrong!

No--I was very worried about a situation at work yesterday. As I tend to do in many situatins, I got myself all worked up and overreacted. In the meantime, I just asked God to help me see clearly and make good decisions. By 1:00 yesterday almost everything had fallen into place, and by 5:00 details I hadn't even worried about yet were all worked out! I was just saying thanks in a public way because I don't thank God often enough for taking things over and taking care of me.

This event for work takes place on Monday, so I still have a lot of prayers to say. But at least for the planning portion--God just swooped in and made it happen. I'm fine, we're fine, and I now vow to talk more about God and thank him more often. I don't want to be one of those people who only go to God in crisis mode--he's pretty great to answer prayers even when, in the grand scheme of things, the request doesn't matter.

I will actually have pictures to post next week....exciting I know. It's been a while! I am headed to Minneapolis tomorrow morning (very early) to visit my dad for the weekend. I haven't been there in a couple of years, and I'm excited because it's still cold and snowy up there. I'm not ready to hang all my cute sweaters up just yet!

No big plans--a show, shopping (Hello my first trip to IKEA!), movie-watching, and eating (my favorite pasttime).

By the way, Girl's Night at Sara's was a huge success. How fun was it to look at everyone's wedding albums? It was so neat to see that, since I have known most of those girls since they've been married. Also, we shared childhood pictures of our husbands. I need to find a scanner and post some of the ones Nina found for me of John. He was so blonde! Lisa Hardin is convinced John curled his bangs as a child....what can I say, he had two older sisters who I'm sure tortured him with hair products!

All right, I'm signing off. I'll let you know how the trip goes (returning Sunday) and how the event on Monday pans out. Not too worried about it anymore!

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