Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Shout Out

I promised a shout out to my blog stalker, Jenny, so here it is....What's up Jenny?!

Funny story about how this small little blog world after all. Two of my friends in Norman were talking at a church function one evening. Some how or another they begin talking about me (because who, really, could resist talking about me?). Another friend of theirs overhears and says
"Are you talking about John and Jessica Anderson?"
Pam: "Yes...why?"
Crazy friend who doesn't know me: "John and Jessica Anderson from Edmond? With two cats and a new car and she just built her house?"
Pam (obviously a little weirded out at this point): " do you know her?"
Crazy girl: "I read their blog all the time!"
Pam (beginning to realize the irony that this girl knows more about me than she does lately, and she's been my friend for 7 years!): "How did you even find this blog?"

Well, long story short it's because of links from other people's blogs. Which actually makes me feel not so crazy. There are a handful of people I've never met in person, but that I know all about because of their blogs. I don't know....I thought it was so awesome that someone actually reads this thing!

So last night, Pam calls me and asks me to come visit her and have coffee. I haven't seen her in several months so I head down I-35 for a little visit (GREAT time to go to Norman--only like 6 people live there right now since it's Spring Break). And guess who is at this little swarray but Jenny, my official blog stalker. How fun was that to meet her in person?!

Anyway--Hi Jenny!

We had coffee, then went to The Mont....ah, the old stomping grounds. Throw in Prairie Kitchen and a little Target trip and I would have felt like a bonafide student again! I guess the three of us who went to The Mont looked like official college students--they carded all of us (and I won't say how old Jenny is...heehee) and then this drunk guy came and sat at our table to chat. But we must not have been very friendly because he got up and said "wow, you guys aren't very friendly". Guess you had to be there.

Anyway--thanks Pam for inviting me. It was great to catch up with several old friends and meet a new one!

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Jennifer said...

Thanks for the shout out! I enjoyed meeting you in person and hope you don't think I am crazy after all. Hey?! What's wrong with my age. Sister . . . I am still a young one:)