Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bracketology 101

Apparently I need to take a course in bracketology because it is ridiculous how bad it has become.

I lost 13 total teams in the FIRST round.
Which means after the second round I had 17 teams out.
I've already lost 6 teams in the Sweet Sixteen and the stupid round hasn't even started.
I've lost 2 teams in the Elite Eight already.
BUT--my Final Four is still intact. If UConn, Villanova, UCLA, and Texas survive to the Final Four then maybe I won't look as dumb.

March madness is making me MAD...

Plus....I hate Texas. I'm a little angry at myself for moving them on into the Final Four, but what can you do? I will not root for them, I promise. They are not in my final 2.

Go UConn.

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