Monday, December 04, 2006

Greetings from Richmond!

I'm in Richmond, VA for a few days. Beautiful country's cold like Oklahoma but they still have green grass...

I am staying in a Fairfield Inn and it is the nicest hotel. It's a suite, and I'm pretty sure it has two TV's. I say pretty sure because I've been up since 3:30 this morning and I may be suffering from double vision. In any case, the room is great.

Couple of thoughts from my airport adventures today...

There is nothing more annoying than the people that turn their cell phones on as soon as the plane lands and proceed to have loud, private conversations while waiting to get off the plane. Can you not wait 5 minutes to call your office? Do they really need to know you just landed? Do you really need to CALL someone to tell them you just landed and you've got to pee? Can't you just get off the plane, pee, then call someone? I don't annoying.

I am a total Starbucks addict, I'll admit. But I never realized how obnoxious the ordering process is. And I know I fall right into the trap...."venti vanilla triple espresso no foam soy milk latte, and don't fill it all the way up, and make sure the cup has a sleeve". I think it's really only obnoxious when it's businessmen in the airport. Because apparently wearing a suit and a bluetooth earpiece attached to your blackberry make you cooler than the rest of us.

I love the headrests on American Airlines....they fold on the sides to form to your head, so there's no bobbing head syndrome while you sleep on your 6:30 a.m. flight!

I should have worn my crocs around the airport. No one cares what you wear on a plane, but I wore my dress shoes and now I have blisters on every one of my toes. The heels are going to kill me tomorrow.

Make sure to smile and call the Hertz lady "ma'am" and you, too, could be upgraded to a Ford Taurus for free.

Good Night!


Julia said...

Ooo fancy! Ford recently discontinued the Taurus so you got yourself a real classic! Haha!

Julia said...

Time for an update!!!