Friday, December 29, 2006

Get out of my dreams and get into my car...our car, the new Honda

Well....we got a car. I know--it was fast. You don't have to tell me that. I was not a happy camper last night. Yes, of course I'm excited about a new car--who wouldn't be? It's the investment and the gigantic check you have to write that made me pretty unhappy. I'm better today....I just don't like for things to happen so fast.

It's a 2007 Honda Accord. It's almost the same color as my trusty Altima (which now seems like an old clunker, it being a 2006 and all). But it's a little more blue than the Nissan. It has a 6-disc CD player in it, so that's pretty much all I cared about.

Wow...a new TV, a new car, looking for a new house. Plus, our other car is not even a year old. It would seem we are made of money, which I can assure you we are not. Our blessings are because of some very generous clients at the holidays and some very hard work at our jobs to make it all possible. I told John just the other day--I can't believe how much has changed in just the past year. Not to mention since our first year of marriage. We're in such a different place, the most noticeable being financially. I know it's not guaranteed and the hard work and prayer must continue. But I guess now it's ok to enjoy least that's what I hear.

I tend to want to save everything for "just in case". Just in case our car breaks down or just in case one of us gets very sick or just in case we want to retire one day. But in trying to prepare for all the "just in cases" I don't often just enjoy what I have. As my friend Melissa said "this is what you work for. Why else do you work so hard?".

So, I will enjoy the new car because John said I could enjoy it and not worry. He takes very good care of us, and wouldn't let us get something we couldn't afford. Anyway...since we bought it at night, I don't have a picture yet but I will post soon.

Oh yeah! I promised John I would let you guys know how awesome he was at negotiating. I told him he was a real hard @at sign-$dollar sign-$dollar sign. He brought them down on the price (used the old standby "I want to walk off the lot with that car for this much"). Then when they tried to charge us for a paperwork filing fee, he said thanks but no thanks and magically they were able to waive it. THEN we spent one hour in the finance office with John saying "no" about 100 times to everything they offered. We'd already been to our bank, got our loan, got the papers....all we wanted was to sign the check and walk out. After an hour, we finally did.

So, I was proud of him for being so messing around with John!


Julia said...

Love that new car smell!

Susan said...

I have a 2004 Accord, and I think I will be burried in it, I love it THAT much.

Happy New Year!