Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day Blessing

So for the last two days, the state of OK has been in a State of Emergency due to ice and snow storms. This time, it did end up pretty serious, however we didn't lose power at my house like I was sure we would. Thursday I spent the whole day pretty stressed and tense worrying that we'd lose power, with lots of ice and sleet coming down. Yesterday the ice had moved on and it snowed for over 12 hours. It was beautiful and it ended up being a delightful snow day.

It helped that we had friends here to play with, too!

In any case, as Colt is napping this morning and we're preparing to venture out to reduce cabin fever, I am just SO thankful. Because I realize what a blessing these last two days have been for me and for Colt. With my office being closed (though still working from home) and not venturing out to daycare for Colt, we spent the days together. Playing, singing, LOTS of laughing, exploring, talking, eating, and even some snuggling (he's much too busy to snuggle these days). I realized today I won't have days like this anymore in a few weeks.

Next time we're stuck in a snow storm I'll have two little boys to share my attention. And while it's going to be a blast, I'm also so grateful that I had this time with Colt. Right before Owen is born, we had two days of playing with nowhere to go, nothing to do, and my attention all on him...just being mom and son. What a blessing it's been and what fun I've had. I'm so blessed to have this amazing little boy to raise. I'm lucky to have him call me Mama.

So thank you, God, for giving me these two days. Thank you for helping me to realize how special this time is as Colt's time as an only child comes to and end. Thank you for keeping our power on so we could spend our time playing and not trying to stay warm. Thank you for Colt.

I can't write anymore, I'm crying too hard. I'm one emotional, 9-months-pregnant Mommy!


Sammy said...

Colt is such a blessing and I love how you (we!) get that! I am also relishing every moment with Reuben as he won't be an "only" for much longer.
Hard to imagine your weather when ours is oh so hot and sticky!

Leah said...

9 months! I didn't realize you were so close to having Owen.

I'm glad you had a couple of nice days to enjoy with Colt. :-D