Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Better late than never!

It's not even been a month since Christmas, so I can still post photos! Finally found the camera cord and had a moment to post. Pretty self-explanatory. Between the blizzard, Christmas at both grandparent's houses, more visits with great-grandparents and Aunt Lind, and then finally Santa's visit to our house 5 days after Christmas...Colt was overwhelmed with toys. He has enjoyed them, actually! I wondered if he could ever play with SO many. We've saved a few still in boxes for a little later, but so far he's having a blast with his new toys.

He was sad to see Christmas end and family leave, but he's since recovered and is busy trying to walk and find the vacuum cleaner every day. So...Merry 2009 to us!

Also, no New Year's Eve pics this year. Our usual plans went awry, so Colt and I stayed at home, one of us going to bed at 7:30, the other at 9:00. Paaaaaarty!

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