Monday, January 04, 2010

I'm alive, still pregnant, and chasing after a toddler

Ai yi yi...what a post to leave hanging here for over a week! I'm much better than I was in that last post. In fact, I was much better by Monday and so ready for the Christmas decorations to be put away! I was ready to have my house back. We finally got around to that this past Saturday.

The last week has been fairly uneventful. I continued to do minimal work and try to enjoy "vacation" as best I could. No more days off until Owen arrives! I did some cleaning, minimal nesting, and LOTS of nagging John to get the playroom and nursery started/completed. I will be 33 weeks pregnant this week. The fact that we have not registered, taken inventory of what we have in the house or what we need, not even started on the nursery, and pretty much continued in our blatant denial that another person will be living at our house anytime in the next 7 weeks is starting to get very scary to me. We now officially have less time to get ready for Owen than we did for Colt.



The rest of the week we spent together and had lots of Colt time. It was fabulous! And even though a strong antibiotic for an ear infection (in an ear that he has tubes less than one month old!) caused some vomiting and gross diapers over the weekend, he remained in a great mood and we had tons of fun. In our own house, even! I guess I'm gearing up for never being able to leave the house once we have TWO kids.

Unfortunately Colt and I had to miss our annual New Year's Eve party at his friend, Anna's house. She got pretty sick and he was just getting over a cold. But I think we all know that neither of us would have made it to midnight. Or 9:00 for that matter. Colt went to bed on NYE at 7:30, I crashed at 9:00. John did go to the party but he was awfully tired the next day!

So...that's what's going on here! I've seen a lot of interesting posts going on in blogland, especially the ado.ption blogs I follow. I want to comment on some of these things but I'm having a hard time finding the right words and also wanting to remain low key without going private. But know that I'm following you all and thinking about the various issues our little blog community is facing.

New Year's Resolutions:
- Finish Colt's baby book before Owen arrives
- Finish our house projects before Owen arrives
- Try to enjoy the last few weeks of pregnancy (weeks...not months, we don't have months, we have weeks!)
- Figure out how to sanely be a mom to two little boys

I don't think I can take too much else on for this year! Great thing about being 8 months pregnant on New Year's Day? I don't have to resolve to diet or work out!

Pictures coming soon, I promise.


Mountain Girl said...

I think that you will be a GREAT mother of two boys! Enjoy your last weeks of pregnancy, love on Colt lots, tell John to finish the dang nursery, and prepare for Owen! :-) Can't wait to see some pictures.

not so zen momma said...

Figure out how to sanely be a mom to two little boys - If you figure this one out, can you please let me know? I have the same freak out happening over here. How will I get two kids ready in the morning?

Becky said...

Wow! Still a little in shock for you that you are pg and about to have another one! Exciting I'm sure!! You'll do great!

Leah said...

33 weeks. Crazy! I've been wondering how far along you are. SO exciting. :-D