Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Getting ready

Well, it's been a crazy few weeks around here. Specifically this last week.

First of all, check out my little man getting ready for church. Doesn't he look handsome? Don't you love pictures in my messy bedroom, on our messy unmade bed?! But he looked so handsome that day I had to take photos. A few hours later he promptly threw up all over the outfit but...hey, at least it's recorded for history.

Anyway, we had a strange bout of sickness for Colt at the beginning of the year. I think he started the stomach virus that is going around. Through all that we found out he had an ear infection (YES, less than a month after getting tubes) and the antibiotic made him even sicker. But as soon as we took him off that and dairy he was back to normal.

Then, I started to develop a headache, which turned into a lingering headache (not migraine) which prompted my body to respond in other such ways that I ended up going to the hospital to have my blood pressure checked. Blood pressure was fine, but they noticed I was having pretty strong contractions every 2 minutes. Now, I couldn't feel them but they ended up checking me to make sure and I was not dilated at all. Went home with a pain med for the headache.

Two days later, I'd been at work all day and came home where my sister was watching Colt while John was at a business dinner. Everything was fine, Colt was playing, Julia and I were eating, and then we were getting him ready for bed. And all of a sudden, out of nowhere, I started having severe pains in my lower abdomen. They grew progressively worse and spread through my entire abdomen. After a few minutes I was on all fours, unable to stand, sit, or walk and crying out in pain. My poor sister...she was terrified and trying to wrangle Colt. She called my mom and John and I ended up BACK in the hospital (on my doctor's orders).

Most intense, terrifying pain I've ever experienced (well, it was on-par with the worst migraine I've ever had) but I could hardly move. To have the nurse even hook me up to the monitors was painful. What was happening is that my uterus was in one strong, constant contraction. It was as hard as a rock and not letting up for HOURS. The monitor was not showing strong contractions, because I was in ONE the whole time!

Eventually, they determined I was dehydrated. They gave me a shot of muscle relaxer to stop the contraction. Which helped some, but still left intense muscle pain. So I got a shot of Demerol (wow!) and sent home. The next morning came and I was STILL unable to walk without assistance, let alone get in and out of bed. Luckily I had a doctor appointment that day. He was pretty much unconcerned and called it severe round ligament pain. Gave me muscle relaxers and orders to stay in bed and rest. A few days later I did feel 100% better.

ALL of that to tell you the next part. We have been really dragging our feet about getting ready for Owen's arrival. We've been busy, we've been enjoying Colt, we've been getting through the holidays, we've been living in denial. But two trips to the hospital to see contractions gave us both quite a wake-up call.

I know it sounds crazy, but I've had such a hard time accepting and getting excited about this pregnancy. I'm not ungrateful, just haven't been quite so accepting of God's plans this time around. But now...well, now I'm getting excited not just because Colt is going to have a little brother to grow up with, but because we're going to have another son. I'm getting excited for OWEN because he's Owen and he's joining our family. And that's a pretty big step.

I'm still very protective of Colt, especially because he's too young to prepare for this life-changing event. I'm cherishing the alone time we have as a family, the ease in which our routine flows right now. But slowly and surely, I'm beginning to get excited for Owen to join us and mess us all up. Those same things I thought about Colt (what will you look like? what will your attitude be like? who will you become? will you sleep? will you love adventure? will you be a cuddler?) I'm now wondering about Owen.

I'm sad that it's taken me so long to get to this point, but really glad that I'm able to see what a blessing it is to be excited by God's plan and for our second son.

It has sprung us into action, we are done with the playroom and have only the nursery left to put together. A small shower is being planned for me. And I'm starting to wrap up projects at work and think about maternity leave.

We're having another baby!


Becky said...

I can't begin to know since I haven't experienced but, I can only imagine!
I'm glad that you have reached this place of excitement about Owen! What a gift to be given children in both of these miraculous ways!!
Can't wait to see him!

Kara Scharrer said...

I just wanted to tell you that you aren't alone. I have felt like that about baby #3 since the minute I found out that I was pregnant. It has taken me a long time to accept, too. Adding a member to a family is a BIG adjustment!

I am very excited for you guys and know that Colt will be so so so so blessed to have that little brother. Maida and Skogen are BEST friends and play all the time together. Maida's life would be so boring without Skogen, and vice versa. Giving your child a sibling, is truly one of the best gifts that you can give them. :)

When is your official due date? I think about you often!

Leah said...

I love reading your blog, because our situations sound so similar right now. I'm also having a hard time accepting that I'm pregnant and I will have a baby. I'm just used to so much loss through all of this, that I just really can't believe it's happening.

I'm happy that you're starting to get excited too. I can just imagine your boys being the best of friends together. :-D

And i hope you feel much better. Scary stuff!

Ms. J said...

You know that I am having many of the same emotions you describe, especially being only a few weeks behind you in this surprise pregnancy. I am starting think of Urban Myth as a separate person, not just an intrusion on Lil Pumpkin's world, but I think it won't "happen" until I am sitting in that hospital bed, cuddling with both of my girls.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear your getting there emotionally. :) Colt is going to adore his baby owen.

Nancy said...

It took us awhile to accept our pregnancy too. But when it hits you, it really hits you. It's a great feeling.

Jessica said...

I can so relate to you! When we discovered I was pregnant 19 months after we adopted our daughter, I was very slow in my acceptance and joy. (Of course, it did not help that I was miserably sick almost the entire 9 months.) I had truly made peace with our inability to have biological children and was a little sad that we would not be adopting again. All that being said, we still recognized what an amazing blessing it was to have a baby and were still joyful in the way God chose to grow our family. We always knew God chose us to adopt and his timing was perfect, but when we became pregnant, we REALLY saw His hand.

We are now at different area in relation to adoption and I am actively looking to get in touch with other Moms that have adopted and gone on to give birth. Our daughter is 4 and since we now have two other daughters (biologically), she is becoming more aware of the differences between her and her sisters in that, she grew in A's tummy while her sisters grew in mine. We are walking a very fine line celebrating her birth story and making her feel special, but at the same time, not wanting to make her feel like an outsider.

Ok, sorry for the novel. I just wanted to reach out and let you know that you are not alone in your feelings. Take care and enjoy the alone time you have with Colt and the last few weeks of your pregnancy. I promise you will miss both!!! :)