Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

Stole this blog idea from MckMama....

Loved my weekend. Spent all day Saturday with Colt so John could work on Owen's room. We had breakfast with friends. Lunch with Mom and sister. Finally took 1-year photos before he outgrew his birthday outfit. Target portrait studio ROCKS. Had dinner with new friends. Awesome queso. Watching "The Pregnancy Pact" on Lifetime. Thankful I have sons not daughters, but already thinking about life with teenagers. Worst part of pregnancy so far...I'm hot ALL THE TIME. It feels like 110 degrees in this house. Thankful the house has been getting picked up lately since we have a playroom. But my master bedroom is closing in on me. Everything is dumped here to "get organized".

Had book club today. Didn't read the book, but heard it was all about extramarital affairs and not very good. Glad I didn't waste any money on the book. Wish I could get the drive to go to the library. But if I did, my books would always be late. Like movies. How is Blockbuster still in business? I've never been to Redbox, too afraid I'll never return the movie. I don't even really watch movies anymore. There's always HGTV.

Wrapped up a 4-month project at work that ended up not going as I planned. I still don't think it's hit me. Only have a few weeks left before maternity leave. Weeks. Haven't filled out my leave paperwork yet. Thankful John and I have already saved to cover the insurance deductible!

Insurance makes me sleepy. It's past my bedtime! With Colt going to sleep by 7:30 I'm now used to heading to bed before 9:00. Trying to enjoy it before Owen comes. I REALLY hope he sleeps like Colt slept. I know lightning doesn't strike twice though. Maybe we'll get lucky?

Watching a commercial about prescription for longer eyelashes. Seriously? Who would talk to their doctor about short eyelashes?

Going to bed.


Leah said...

I hope we can see pictures once you are done with Owen's room. Sounds like you guys are being really productive. Exciting. :-D

Julia said...

I watched The Pregnancy Pact, too. Wow. I think my favorite line was, "So, this is what it's like to be Jamie Lynn Spears!"

I would totally talk to my doctor about my eyelashes! Haha, I hate my eyelashes! They're so short and I don't have very many of them. The only reason I don't ask about that stuff is because the commercial says it may cause darkening of the eyelids that *might* go away over time. With my complexion, it's almost a certainty that would happen. And with thin, stubby lashes, I just already have too much to deal with. Lol

jenny said...

Did you know you can also perm your eyelashes too? YES lol! Somepeople perm it because it makes it easier to curl for people that have short lashes! I have a problem with mine not curling well but I'm too scared to have that done!

not so zen momma said...

Ok, now I must watch the Pregnancy Pact. That is the best quote ever, Julia!

Holly said...

All I have to say is: my mom gave me VIBRATING mascara for Christmas. I get the giggles every time I look at it, much less try to use it!