Friday, December 25, 2009

I wasn't dreaming of THIS white of a Christmas

Wow, I am a mess of emotions tonight. I get this way about Christmas every year. It's just you lead up to this day and have so much family and food and blessings around and then BOOM!, it's over.

This year was really hard for many reasons. Work has been super stressful and I didn't think I'd get the time off I'd hoped for. I put off shopping until last week. We never put ornaments or even garland on the tree because I was too tired. Colt has been sick with a cold. And then...the big one I wasn't expecting: a blizzard.

See, in Oklahoma we rarely get snow and have only had a white Christmas like 12 times in a 100 years. We just don't see very much here. Cautiously for the last week, there had been predictions of a snowstorm on Christmas Eve. But no one, even the weathermen, had any idea what was to happen.

In Oklahoma City between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Christmas Eve we got over 14 inches of snow. We literally had a Blizzard, complete with whiteout conditions. And before the snow started, we had hours of sleet and freezing rain which coated the roads in at least an inch of ice. We have snow drifts over 4 feet IN OUR FRONT YARD.

My family is in town staying at my mom's and I was determined to get over and see them, let them see Colt, and spend Christmas Eve with them so John and I set out in early afternoon. It was a white-knuckled drive and there were several times we almost got stuck. And once we arrived at my mom's, there was no leaving. Especially with a one-year-old and a pregnant wife, John wasn't going anywhere.

We didn't intend to stay there though. John is a pretty brave driver and probably would have braved the roads home. But my sister called and said she was stuck in the middle of an intersection and he and my stepdad headed out to help her. While helping her, John blew out his knee (he's had three knee surgeries, involving both knees...they're bad) and they had to leave her car in the intersection and just concentrate on getting everyone home.

So, John was laid up and the roads were so bad we couldn't even get across town to get home. So, we stayed the night at my mom's house. All 3 of us, my sister, aunt, stepdad, mom, and grandparents. It was a super tight squeeze...and Colt wasn't feeling well and had a hard time sleeping. He finally ended up getting 6 hours of sleep. John and I got about 2 hours each.

And the whole time I'm just mad and irritated and worried about the stupid weather and John's knee. Instead of being excited for a white Christmas, instead of counting my blessings that we were ALL safe and warm and under one roof, instead of enjoying my yummy dinner...I was irritated. Instead of being thrilled for extra time with my beloved grandparents and aunt...well, you get the picture. We were snowed in and I was worried about wearing the same clothes and not having our stuff and our beds.

The morning was better...I woke up with a better attitude and just grateful that we weren't one of hundreds stranded in their cars, at the airport, or in shelters. We were safe. We enjoyed breakfast and presents and lunch. And then my brother-in-law came over to take us to John's family's house for even more Christmas festivities.

And now, we're home and I feel like I wasted such an amazing Christmas. I really loved it. I did! And I was SO grateful that we were there, instead of stuck at home without family. And now I'm oh-so-sad that it's all over.

As Colt and I settled in to watch yet another viewing of "Mickey Saves Santa" on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I cried and cried. It's our last Christmas with just Colt. And every year I worry it's my last Christmas with my grandparents making the trip and that the next year they'll stay in Missouri instead of coming here.

Things I DO want to remember:
-How Colt played with my aunt Linda and she had so much fun teaching him how to play with his new leapfrog and Mickey toys.
-How we all started watching "A Christmas Story" last night when it first came on and kept watching it throughout the always.
-All the cooking my grandma did.
-How Colt lights up when he sees my mom and doesn't want anyone but her.
-Laughing with John through the sleepless night.
-How Colt wanted to open all his Aunt Renee's presents for her.
-The way his Uncle Matt plays with him and has great patience for him.
-The whole season, watching Colt's face as he saw Christmas lights and trees.
-How he played with my mom's Hallmark singing snowmen and pressed their buttons over and over to hear Jingle Bells one more time.

I regret that I didn't enjoy it more at the time. But it will go down as one of the most memorable Christmases I've ever had and gave me precious time with my family. Blizzard can't get me down!

Now off to get some sleep and hopefully wake up over my post-Christmas depression. Pictures (what few I took) coming soon!

Merry Christmas to you all!!


LL said...

Merry Christmas Jessica!
I talked to my dad today (OKC) and he told me about the 15 inches of snow...unheard of!

Life is good. We are all so blessed! Now get some rest and post those pics! And prayers for John's knees!

Melba said...

Merry Christmas to you too! I understand what you're saying in this post. I think at some point, we just reach an age with Christmas when there's so much to do that it can become overwhelming. But still, I agree that sometimes we just need to stop and be thankful for what we have!

Enjoy your snow...we are still without over here in warming, anyone? :)


Leah said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family! We received quite the blizzard in MN also. Made for difficult travel, but luckily it all worked out. Hope you and your family are well. :-D