Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Final post-placement visit

So remember when I said we had scheduled our final post-placement visit with our caseworker for this Thursday? Well, there was miscommunication and she had it scheduled for TODAY! So about 20 minutes before she was supposed to be at our house she called to confirm. Needless to say, we were both at work and in meetings. I ran out of the office and sped home because CASEWORKER! COMING! RIGHT NOW! We hadn't unpacked from our weekend trip, the house wasn't clean, and I hadn't finished all the paperwork I'd put off for two months since our last visit.

You can only imagine the stress.

Luckily, she of course didn't care about any of that. John brought Colt home from school and he napped while we did our "interview" then we woke him up and he showed off his charm and all his skills: bouncing, laughing, rolling over, grabbing his feet, etc.

Ultimately she decided to let us keep him. :)

It feels good to have this all out of the way. During our visit, our family-friend/attorney called to confirm that she will represent us in July. The agency will send her all the paperwork, she'll file for a date, and Colt will be "officially" ours, no strings attached by July.

I haven't regretted or been angry or irritated with any of this process, honestly. Nothing in life is easy, and I know that. Our difficulty was finding our way to be parents, others have difficult pregnancies or a long legal battle during adoption. We have had an incredibly smooth, lovely experience. And while some might be turned off to adopting a second time because of a difficult experience, we may very well be turned off to adoption again for fear the experience can never be as perfect as it has been.

Number two discussions are a LONG way off. But it's interesting how much I'd like to have a second, but how satisfied and content I am with one perfect, amazing little boy. Now is as good a time as ever to let God have total control and lead our hearts in the right direction in His time.

Love that our caseworker, our agency, Colt's birthfamily are all extensions of our family and our hearts now. So many people who want the best for him, just as we do, and who will always be there for us. His caseworker told us today she'd love to come babysit, but was pretty sure she'd have to fight off his grandmothers!

Pretty great day.


Anonymous said...

How stressful! Sounds like you handled it perfectly, and everything is going great. I know what you mean about being at peace about where God will lead you from here. We would feel exactly the same way if we knew the adoption tax credit were going to be extended. :)

jenny said...

I'm really happy for both you and John :)!

not so zen momma said...

Fight off only grandparents?!?! What about close friends?

We'll continue to pray for your family. We're love Baby Colt, Van prays for him every night. It is so cute!

Infertility is Hard said...

So happy that today went well. :-D