Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dinner at the movies

Summer means a lot of things to me: many hours of daylight and lots of energy, sleeping in t-shirts instead of sweatshirts, hardly any cute clothes (most of my cute clothes are winterish), catching up on my cable networks because there's nothing else on, buying more razors, etc.

But most of all, it means I'm a golf widow. I normally don't mind, because I know John LOVES golfing, and he will start as early as the weather will allow and continue until the weather becomes too cold for comfort. He loves it, and it gets him superactive. Most of you know...he doesn't like to sit around. So, normally I encourage this. Especially because I've been filling my time lately getting coffee and catching up with a lot of friends at the Starbucks that will soon close.

Anyway, I kind of had a breakdown this week. John went golfing almost every day for the last couple of weeks, and I missed him! We hadn't been out just the two of us in so long and I missed just being around him.

So tonight we both were off work early and headed to SEE A MOVIE! This is a big deal, we never see movies. But we went to a 5:30 showing of "Hancock", got a snack (dinner was movie hot dogs and popcorn), went to the store and were still home by 8:00. We're old, boring married people y'all.

Anyway, we both really liked "Hancock" and it was totally not what we expected. I was a little disappointed because I had my heart set on seeing "Mamma Mia" but it doesn't come out until Friday. He promised to take me...but we both know the next time we see a movie it will be "Stepbrothers" with Will Ferrell because that's how we roll.

It was nice to get out. I leave tomorrow for my first of three business trips in the next 14 days. I'm missing my airport security friends!

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