Thursday, July 31, 2008

Close enough to touch....but too chicken to do anything about it

So, I'm in Chicago at my favorite meeting of the year. I walked into the hotel and before I could make it to the front desk to check in, I was bombarded by people I knew. Hugs, cheek kisses (which is apparently very big in my client's world), high-pitched "hiiiiyyeeeee". I LOVE it!

It's a good chance for me to see people I haven't seen in a while, but also just to network and, yes, feel important.

Anyway, each year a "Guest Speaker" is announced on the agenda with no indication of who it is. Which normally means someone big. Two years ago it was Jerry Seinfeld. We're talking big time.

We'd been speculating for a while about who it might be and decided that it HAD to be Ben Stiller. But when the speaker was announced, it was not Ben Stiller it was Tom Roffman who is CEO of 20th Century Fox Films. He was a great speaker, very funny, relevant. Blah, blah, blah. Finally it came down to pushing a new movie and out walks Ben Stiller on stage right in front of us!

We jumped to our feet and roared for him and he regaled us with tales about filming and growing up with his parents, and how much he loves this client. Then it was question and answer time and long story short...Zoolander is on of his favorite movies to make and he did the Zoolander walk on-stage with blue-steele/magnum look and all!!!! It was so awesome!

Then, I was headed back to my room and got caught in a crowd. Ben Stiller was waiting for the elevator right next door to my hotel room! Waiting! I needed a pic, but was too chicken to ask. So...the back of his head is what you got. For proof, Tom Roffman is next to him on the left. I brushed Ben's sleeve as I passed!

Starstruck crazy Zoolander-loving lady here! It was awesome, that's all I can say!!

Never, ever drink at meetings like this. It is waaaaay too much fun to watch others be drunk! And then you don't have the vomit and migraines they have, just the fond memories they don't.

One last day of the best meeting ever! Then home where I'm on a mission...we'll talk soon. In the meantime....ORANGE MOCHA FRAPUCCINOS!!!


Emily said...

I can totally tell that is Ben Stiller from the back.

It's like I always say, "It's hard to be really, really, really good looking."

not so zen momma said...

Comic genius... from behind.

I am so glad I contributed to your new attitude on conference cocktails. ;)