Thursday, May 01, 2008


Remember when I said I removed the site meter from my blog, because I was too obsessed with it? Well, a while back I reinstalled it. Great fun, that thing is.

What brings people to this site? Well, mostly it's the loved ones I know. This isn't an overly exciting site, especially lately with all the writer's block and vacation and work. But still...there are some people that end up here from fun web searches.

Recent faves?
"tater tot casserole duggar's"
"kailua beach sex pictures"
"pain in the butt husbands"

I'm not sure what to think about all that, especially since I'm quite certain I didn't post any sex pictures from Kailua Beach. I didn't, right? HA! You guys are all questioning now!!!!

Seriously, no pictures to post. Promise.

And I'm pretty sure I've referred to my husband as a lot of things, but "pain in the butt" has never escaped this keyboard. Except maybe in a private e-mail when he forgets to take the trash out...

This is fun! What crazy things have brought people to your website?


Elizabeth said...

Sex pictures?! Crazy things happen when you have guest bloggers. I blame Brooke!

Cary said...

I get a handful of clickthroughs looking for porn. Sadly I disappoint. They're mainly to my post titled "Nude Pics!!! XXX". Huh!

Emily said...

Usually people come to my blog looking for something about chocolate.
I'm jealous Liz is commenting on your blog.