Wednesday, May 21, 2008

HS Sweetheart

Tonight I was flipping radio stations in the car and came across "The River" by Garth Brooks and HELLO I was immediately transported to high school and every talent show audition ever. Someone always auditioned with that song, just like they did with "More Than Words". And it may have been one of the songs sung to me by HS boyfriend.

Other songs included "Right Here Waiting", "I'll Be" and "No One Else Knows it But Me". What can I say? We were choir nerds and I inspired a lot of songs.

I also recall another HS date who sang "Sweet Child of Mine" during a school talent show and I thought it was the coolest song EVER.

If you can't admit you were a nerd, then you probably haven't moved past it, right?

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Emily said...

I remember every little high school choir girl who thought she was something singing, "My Heart Will Go On." If I never hear THAT song again, it will be fine with me.