Monday, May 19, 2008

Bargain Hunters

I forget how much I love GREAT DEALS!!!

But I also remember how much I don't love hunting to find the good deals. So if someone else tells me about it, I can go get the great deal and claim it as my own.

One store I've known about for a long time is Steve and Barry's. But it's like 30 minutes away on the opposite side of town so I forget about it or I don't want feel driving down there. But Robin alerted me to the fact that they had windbreakers there, so I thought a $9 waterproof windbreaker was reason enough to drive on down there. I needed something waterproof for Alaska.

Not only did I find the PERFECT black, waterproof, hooded windbreaker but I also found an adorable pair of dark purple Wellies by SJP's Bitten line. For $9. I know...awesome, right? AND the perfect brown and pink polo for only $5. I was pumped up, the adrenaline was flowing.

Matt had mentioned CVS had binoculars on sale for $10 so I headed there and got an awesome pair of Vivitar binoculars for whale watching and eagle watching in Alaska!!

You know it was a big deal for me since I skipped out on a "Law and Order" marathon in favor of shopping.

John and I booked our excursions in Ketchikan and Skagway, I emptied the DVR (first time in around 9 months that's happened), I went through hundreds of old photos at my mom's house for our profile book (I promise...will be posted soon! I was too cute!), and saw the people we adopted Faith from 2 years ago and caught up with them. It was a great weekend!

Now I have a looooooooong week ahead of me, trying to get everything done at work before we leave on Saturday. I can't wait (especially with my cute new Wellies and jacket!).


Emily said...

Do you love L&O marathons? I did NOT know that. I LOVE the L&O marathons!

My brother was at a Steve and Barry's in Houston last week and saw Vince Young and someone else famous (I can't remember who) shopping. How cool is that?

Jessica said...

Um, first of all, is it in marathon form? Then of course I love it.

Second, who doesn't love some grimy NYC crime PLUS it was "Jesse L. Martin" day on Sunday and who doesn't love him?

Plus, me and S. Epatha are TIGHT...