Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Other Happenings

John got home on-time and safely last Friday from California. It is nice to have him home, although I've spent more time cleaning in the last two days than I did the entire three weeks he was gone. Guys are amazing--they have absolutely no idea how to pick up after themselves.

We did our Valentine's celebration Friday night at Steak and Ale--our old standby favorite. Then, we rented a movie and couldn't get through it without falling asleep. Guess John was tired from getting up at 5 a.m. and flying all day--he was asleep by 8:30 that night!

Saturday we bummed around, then headed to Norman for Tara and Nathan's housewarming party. All my friends are growing up--buying houses, getting married, having babies. Is it strange that we're all grown ups, yet I know for a fact no one feels like a grown up? Does it change when you have kids?

And I will have ALL of you know that Edmond Church of Christ was one of the only ones in town that had service on Sunday morning. And John and I went. Yes, we braved the icy streets with about 400 other Edmond CofC members. Very proud.

Not much else. Interestingly enough, Faith hasn't stolen a thing since John's been home. Think she was taking advantage of a single caregiver? I think so...

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