Monday, February 20, 2006

New Neighbors

We're getting new neighbors. Well, technically they are about 5 miles away. In the Village. So, not really neighbors in the next door sense. But we are so excited because Jason and Kristen are moving up north!!! We've been recruiting them and pushing them hard (as we've done with all our Norman friends) and it's official--they're moving!

Jason and Kristen have been a breath of fresh air for us for several years now. I met them during my wonderful college days at OU through the Outreach Center. Jason might be the smartest person I know and he doesn't even have to try. Kristen (also very smart!) is a fellow OU Gaylord Jaymac graduate. She also has entered the desperate, penniless world of advertising, so we get to share horror stories with each other. She's the only one who can laugh at my stories of crazy sales reps and slow creative departments.

Jason is also John's dentist. He is in dental school at OUHSC right now, and John has been his guinea pig.

They are moving the the Village next weekend, which will provide John and Jason with much more time to play X-Box into the wee hours of the morning. Congrats to Kristen, also, she's moving AND got a new job with Monarch Media.

Anyway--as you can tell, we're pumped. Norman doesn't seem that far away until you're driving there after a long, tired week at work. Now if we can just get the other Norman stragglers (ahem--Laura) to move North as well....

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