Monday, February 06, 2006

The Weekend

Well, John and I both had pretty successful weekends. As you can see form the barrage of photos, John hit Hollywood pretty hard on Saturday and saw a lot. He walked along the Walk of Fame and saw the Hollywood sign, plus ate at the Hard Rock and people-watched. He watched the Superbowl last night with several Seattle fans, so I think that was a bit of a damper on the mood! But he really is having a good time in California and has a whole list of things he wants to see over the next 2 weeks.

I came back from Phoenix and didn't have much of a chance to slow down. I spent most of Friday with Julia, since she got her wisdom teeth pulled. Also watched a movie over there that has made my top 5 worst movies--Monster-in-Law. Don't even bother watching it, it's horrible. Jane Fonda was great, but Jennifer Lopez and Michael Vartan were so bad that it brought the whole thing down!

Saturday I went to my friend, Jana's wedding. Now most of you have heard my story about the best man speech at the wedding. But, alas, I shall tell it again because it was hilarious. Obviously, the best manhad not put much thought into what he was going to say at the toast. He got up there and rambled about some 8th grade stuff he and the groom had done, and some annoying habits he knew the groom had. Then, he dropped the bomb--literally. With 400 people raising their champagne glasses in the ballroom of the fanciest country club in Oklahoma City, the best man said "Yeah, and Jay really likes to brag about the size of his stools".

Oh yes, he did. He said it. Everyone gasped and tried to laugh....then he goes "Huh, I guess I shouldn't have said that one out loud".

It was great! Like something out of a movie! I'm sure Jana was mortified, but it will serve for lots of laughs to come in the future. And it sure made my day!

Then it was off to Incredible Pizza for Mason's birthday party. Mason is 5 years old today! He got all kinds of cool instruments and Nerf guns. Very cool.

Last night was the Superbowl. I went to a party at the Foster's house from church and it was so much fun. I'm not sure how many people the fit in their house, but it was a lot! It was nice to be among friends again, as I've been so busy with work lately. I had great food, watched great commercials, and visited with a lot of great friends.

So, all-in-all John and I both had great weekends, even apart. We'll see how the week goes!

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